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  • Beaver County, UT
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This project is designed to give direction to our visitors, along with community members. If people come to an unfamiliar area, they are unlikely to stay and enjoy the things that they don’t know are surrounding them. With this project, putting signs throughout our community so that the people who are unfamiliar with the area will have clear directions to the surroundings.

Beaver County is a rural area located on I-15 situated between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. This Community is unique because it is not home to the masses but those who value a more rural and intimate life style. The air you breathe in Beaver is crisp and clean where in place of nightlife we have wildlife. The recreation experience is more of a private affair where you
don’t need to use a blinker on your ATV to merge onto the trails. If you see only one other person while exploring the Country that is considered normal. We value that we don’t host the masses but the few who are looking for more of the undiscovered and undeveloped recreation experience. Beaver County is home to only one stop light thus demonstrating that we are not
overcrowded which allows more connections to people as they travel through this great area. No matter what part of the county you may be in there is space for people to find a retreat for themselves and their families. Children are often seen roaming as they please, fishing in the irrigation canals that run through town. This community is like most towns before they
grew up. Because the county offers such a variety of recreation this project is critical for the area in order to assist guests in discovering all that is available here.

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