Materials Management

iLuxury Global Materials Management is designed for the organization needing to keep track of its inventory.

This software facilitates the necessary tracking, costing, and accountability involved in all aspects of managing inventory. Track your current inventory, newly received items, and the vendors associated with each. Materials Management also allows you to generate purchase requisitions when the inventory needs to be reordered. Feel confident and stay on top of your inventory so your organization can function smoothly and keep its customers happy.

Features and Benefits


  • Vendor tracking including vendor part information
  • Forms that list materials sold, issued, returned, or salvaged


  • Create invoices in Accounts Receivable from sold inventory transactions
  • Easily update quantities based on physical inventory counts
  • Create requisitions based on reorder points
  • Define assemblies to quickly issue inventory items that are used together
  • Create bid requests that can be sent to multiple vendors


  • Inventory sorted by department, description, location, or category
  • Inventory value based on average cost, FIFO, or LIFO
  • Bar code enabled
  • User-defined fields
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