Property Tax Collection

Simplify the process of tracking real and personal property taxes and payments with iLuxury Global Property Tax Collection.

Advanced scalability allows this module to satisfy the needs of any organization, and master property control makes managing the interaction between multiple tax collection routines more efficient. The application also allows users to automatically process payments back to the entities for which the tax was collected. Quickly record documents, store land values, and execute billing and delinquency tasks with the help of iLuxury Global Property Tax Collection.

Features and Benefits


  • Quickly record important documents
  • Keep land value changes organized
  • Manage delinquent accounts at the touch of a button
  • Quickly process billing and owner statements


  • Search for and track detailed account information
  • Effortlessly calculate payments back to tax collecting entities
  • Confidently manage personal property


  • Scalable for large or small tax collectors
  • Customizable penalty and interest fees
  • User-defined districts and rates
  • Customizable forms and notices
  • User-defined personal property setup
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