Direct Deposit

For an organization that wants an effective way to ensure it’s employees are paid on time, the iLuxury Global Payroll Direct Deposit module is the solution.


With Payroll Direct Deposit, your employees no longer have to be present to get paid. Whether they are sick, on vacation, or out on business, they will still get paid on time. In addition, this module also offers employees the flexibility of distributing their paycheck to as many different accounts as they like. Make your employees happy, spare yourself a headache, and save money in the process with paperless paychecks, on average about $2 per employee per pay period. Now there is solution for everyone.


Features and Benefits


  • Easily creates ACH files
  • Allows employees to choose how their deposit is distributed among their qualifying accounts
  • Supports multiple bank distributions
  • Creates a prenotification file for an initial test


  • Simplifies the reconciliation process
  • Minimizes the number of checks to print and store
  • Allows a voided check or detail voucher to be printed for participating employees
  • Protects against check fraud


  • ACH files can be transferred to a bank using multiple media options
  • Multiple accounts are supported for individual employees
  • Employees’ participation can be easily updated or changed
  • User-defined fields can be set up for organization-specific needs
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