Document Management

iLuxury Global Document Management, powered by eFileCabinet, is an easy-to-use, affordable document management system that makes going paperless easy. It’s a feature-rich solution that simplifies the process of scanning paper documents, archiving email and managing critical files in a secure database repository.

The software seamlessly integrates with iLuxury Global Connect, and it’s flexible system lets you securely store and retrieve documents, such as correspondence, purchase orders, employee records and other confidential data. You can store files from any program source and store them in their native format. You can access, update and share them at any time with a simple click, helping you gain a competitive advantage by working more efficiently and collaboratively.

Features and Benefits


  • Stay secure with advanced file encryption for an extra layer of security
  • Quickly reduce paper dependency, reducing risk of critical document loss
  • Organize files with templates and systematic file versioning


  • Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office™
  • Drag and drop files from any program source
  • Streamline workflow with point-and-click accessibility
  • Access, update and share electronic files
  • Locate documents with indexing and full text search


  • Make scanned paper documents electronic in seconds
  • Protect data against system failure and natural disaster
  • Meet regulatory requirements with role-based permission groups and audit tracking
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