Utility Electronic Meter Reading

The iLuxury Global Electronic Meter Reading module simplifies the meter reading process by interfacing directly with the meter reading software and collecting the data electronically, data that was previously painstakingly recorded by hand. You can export and import customizable reading files to a vast number of software providers in addition to using the information captured by your reading software to update your meter information. 

Features and Benefits


  • Quickly set up export and import files according to major meter reading software standards
  • Handle high/low usage and reading checks
  • Use the import process to easily override incorrect information


  • Create export files with customizable meter, customer, and route options
  • Update meter and billing information according to data in the file provided by reading software
  • Customize file formats with a variety of information used by various reading software providers


  • Create files in fixed-length or XML formats
  • Interface with multiple meter reading software at the same time
  • Create user-defined fields


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