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The iLuxury Global Advantage

We realize there are countless design firms to choose from so you must ask yourself - what sets us apart from the competition. Here is a brief summary of some of unique aspects about our business model and team that have helped us rise to the top.

Unique scope analysis

iLuxury Global spends a great deal of time asking all the right questions. A key aspect to any project is gathering as much background information about the business and their target demographics. We try to minimize scope-creep (a project scope that seems to grow uncontrollably thus pushing budgets and timelines) for the benefit of both parties - keeping projects running smoothly and delivered on time. Our in-depth analysis will flush out many design ideas and functionality integration that may have never been highlighted before. This process assures you that we utilize the best tools, creative concepts and technologies for your project.

Unrivaled Support and Time Management

There are many web design firms that get bogged down (or just plain lazy) when it comes to project completion and maintenance. We do have to thank them for sending us so many great clients as we are on the ball 24/7. We utilize top notch project management tools and ticket support systems to be sure that we can fully monitor every project, every change request, and every support ticket all day, every day. Our internal policies forbid project lag, or unsupported requests and in many cases you will see your changes completed the SAME DAY. Time management is key in this industry so we have built our business model and policies around industry standard tools to get the job done.

Research and Development

It is company policy to spend at least 1 hour every day doing advanced research and development on new technologies, standards and toolsets so we can be sure we are always one step ahead. We have a dedicated budget to purchasing new toolsets and tutorials so we can train ourselves on the latest and greatest that our ever changing field has to offer. We love what we do and research is the joy of our day. You can be assured that our ever expanding knowledge base is applied to each and every project (new and old) to assuring a high rank among the competition.

Unparalleled Creativity

Creativity isn't something that you can learn. You can expand upon your base through education, but it really is a gift. Our team has been wowing clients with their designs and creativity since iLuxury Global was established. We continue to integrate this creativity in to all aspects of our business and through all our key services. Whether its coming up with a catchy slogan or creative wording for a PPC ad or a dynamic database design that is built to scale vertically - our creativity shines through on more than just graphics and web projects.

Never Say Never

"Never", "can't", "won't" - those terms don't exist in our vocabulary. We firmly believe that there is a solution to EVERY problem and we are confident enough in our various skill-sets that we will always make it work. At iLuxury Global, we love a good challenge - we actually go out of our way to find stalled projects and offer intuitive solutions to get projects back on their feet again. We will never tell you that something can't be done - in today's industry there is a plethora or resources and APIs that make virtually ANYTHING possible on the web. If we don't have the experience or knowledge on a certain niche system than we will find a suitable firm to assist us at no extra cost to you. Feeling brave? Send us your next challenge!


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