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Vector vs Raster

Many people know what a bitmap (raster / photograph) is but not many people understand what vector (illustration) means. Basically, a vector is made up of Bézier curves, where bitmaps (raster) are made up of small squares (pixels). We wont go in to detail about the Bézier curves as they can quite complex to explain so relatively speaking it's a way to define a path, line and curves without any annoying pixels or squares in your artwork. See below:

The beauty of a vector is it can be scaled indefinitely without any degradation to the image, alternatively a bitmap will become blurred and distorted as you enlarge it.

At iLuxury Global we strive to deliver Vector artwork as much as possible and ALWAYS deliver when the project calls for resizing, embroidering, end user customizations and the other common uses of a vector. Thus ensures that the design you get will look great on a flyer and even better on a billboard with zero loss of quality along the way.

These are the innovative provisions we utilize to give you the ultimate results.

Business Branding and Logo Design

A strong brand image is the essence of any business both big and small. Our Calgary logo design studio will give your business that memorable look that will make your company stand above the competition. A well designed logo instills instant credibility with both clients and potential customers. This type of credibility shows that you care deeply about your business and your customers' experience with that brand.

A properly designed logo will help your business

  • Give potential clients a sense of professionalism and quality
  • Develop a strong brand image that will be easily recognized for the years to come
  • Be dynamic with advertising and marketing materials as pure vector logos can be presented on any media, with any color, any background, any size
  • Convey your expertise and deep care about your business and your client's experience and impression

Our Calgary based logo design firm has developed strong brand images for companies from around the world. If you would like to strengthen your brand image or create an entirely new image please speak with our branding specialist by contacting us now. If you know what you are looking for then feel free to request a free quote using our intuitive quoting system. We ensure that your design is coherent with all design standards thus guaranteeing top notch results.

Identity Packages

Whether you are a startup company or a well established business, a professional identity package can send a powerful message that you're experienced, honest, and credible. These are three coveted elements that are sure to drive sales.

iLuxury Global provides full-service identity packages that range from corporate identity design all the way to managing your print production. We take care of the details so you can manage your business and we can our vast experience with numerous print companies (both local and abroad) to find you the best quality and rates in the industry.

You may not need every element in a typical identity package which is why we offer custom packages that are tailored for your business. Our designers will help you choose the pieces which may include:

  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • CD Covers
  • Envelopes
  • Presentation Folders
  • ID Cards
  • Websites
  • Marketing Materials

Our qualified professionals can help you create the ultimate brand. Be sure to contact us to take full advantage of our many design services.

Our branding process
  • CollectGather business info

    In this step we gather all relevant information about your business including background business info, ideals, proposed color schemes and iconic figures.

  • ConceptWireframe proofing

    Our proofing process is thorough as we seek ultimate customer satisfaction. We don't stop sending proofs until you are perfectly pleased where many companies limit your proofs to under 3.

  • StreamlineIntegrate the brand

    The brand comes to life as we take the newly designed brand image and streamline it in to your identity package, marketing materials, website and any other forms of advertising or internal display.


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