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Cross mobile compatibility

When it comes to native app development you want to maximize your exposure across multiple mobile operating systems and devices. This is why we utilize Titanium Appcelerator so one codebase can export to Android, Apple and Blackberry. Now that's efficient development.

Mobile Web Design

Its apparent that mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and iPads are becoming more and more users' choice for web browsing and the trend is likely to continue. The mobile web experience is much different than that of the desktop that is why our approach to mobile web is very practical as we prioritize the relevant content from your existing (or developed) website and slipstream it in to a mobile format. This format is easy to navigate, lightweight and presented in a fashion that will be compatible with over 1000 mobile device models.

Responsive Web Layout

Since the styling varies so drastically between the rendering of a website on a full screen desktop, all the way down to the handheld smart phone, iLuxury Global now designs their sites specific to each device. For sites to display correctly through all the different resolutions, the layout is programmed to be responsive, with sizing being handled dynamically dependant on what screen size you are on. All our responsive sites maintain the same overall look and feel throughout all devices, however ease of navigation is considered while designing for a handheld.

Mobile Application Development

Do your users need a little more out of their mobile experience? We have developed a powerful custom toolkit for mobile devices based on the .NET framework that allows us to integrate virtually any standard web based functionality in to a mobile platform. We analyze your current business model as well as opportunities in the social media world to properly identify what functionality we can bring to mobile devices that may generate more traffic, sales and user interaction. Tasks like online scheduling, GPS based locators, charting, real-time data feeds and much more can be at your visitors fingertips.

Some of our expert mobile design and marketing services include:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Android Apps
  • iPhone / iPad Apps (iTunes)
  • Mobile Website Design
  • QR Code Render and Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Mobile WAP page design
  • Blackberry Apps

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