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iLuxury Global has taken the time to research every available MLS and IDX web interface on the market. We have teamed up with only the best to deliver all the new and emerging technologies that revolve around social media and mobile support as well as some of the best MLS mapping, listing and search features. They have opened up the back end development door for iLuxury Global so we can develop highly branded solutions that will keep visitors on your site and close the deal before they even call! We specialize in custom real estate websites and mobile sites as well as guaranteed first page SEO (or your money back). Our websites deliver and set you apart!

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Realtor Branding

Set yourself apart from the competition with a unique brand, custom designed web presence and print materials that will blow your clients away! iLuxury Global is a leader in the Calgary real estate market for branding and marketing. We have provided some of the top names in the city with stunning and marketable designs that have accelerated their business and sales! Whether you work for yourself or are a member of a larger real estate team, we will provide you with a branding style that differentiates you from the rest.

Our branding packages include any or all of the following design assets:

Custom Real Estate Web Design

Break away from those drab templates - strengthening your brand while providing your future and current clients with a portal that does everything they need - all in one place. iLuxury Global uses a number of different frameworks to tie in the MLS of of your city whilst building the outer elements on your website to completely match your brand. We help integrate the latest technologies in to your portal so your site

Some of our web platform features include:
Our Simplified Realtor Marketing Process
  • BrandDesign the Brand

    A critical aspect of the software process in which we define the business logic and requirements for your application. We will determine database providers, hosting infrastructure requirements, 3rd party toolset integration, use-case scenarios and much more.

  • DesignPrint Materials

    A streamlined development process with a major focus on testing so apparent defects are flushed in a timely manner. All code is properly documented thus promoting maintainability and maximum portability.

  • DevelopWeb, mobile and social

    The app is deployed and analyzed in the work environment in hopes of perfecting the stability and performance as well as highlight any added features requirements that may arise. A proper maintenance schedule is implemented to keep your software current and up to date.


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