Organic vs Paid

Organic search engine results are ones that show up naturally in search engines based on the keyword terms being searched. Paid listings show up along the very top and side panels and generally paid for on per-click or per-view basis. Even though paid results give you the impression that you are on top they don't always lead to 'real clicks' or genuine traffic. Most people overlook these results as they seem more like advertisements (which in a sense they are). PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is definitely suitable for some companies and eCommerce sites but they aren't for everyone.

Organic results will always lead to new business and site traffic from genuinely interested visitors. Hire us as your SEO professional today to make sure your next marketing strategy gives you the proper return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization

Statistics say that to receive any perceivable traffic from search engines, you must be in the top 30 results, and preferably in the top 10. On average, 90% of users do not look past the 3rd page. At iLuxury Global we are constantly investing in research to keep educated on the ever changing search engine algorithms so that we can apply and implement these changes in to your website. Our goal is not to "trick" search engines but instead work within their guidelines to expose what we know they consider important, for today and for tomorrow. With 85% of all traffic coming from search engines, we see this as the most effective way to increase visitors for your business.

iLuxury Global's organic search engine strategy includes the following steps:

  • Keyword Analysis - Proper keyword selection is the foundation to any good search engine campaign. If you select the wrong terms all your optimizations will go to waste as there will be poor conversion rates and too little search volume. Our goal is to get your site high quality traffic, not just quantity that is why we run predictive queries to go after terms that have sufficient search volume and as well help us evaluate the competiveness of the keywords to be targeted This evaluative keyword analysis will help determine which in-page and off-page strategies we will undertake.
  • In-Site Semantics - Here we determine what changes are required to your site in order for it to rank well based on the terms identified by the Keyword Analysis? We will determine if we can retrofit the changes or whether its best to develop a new site. We will asses the current deficiencies that are holding your site back and what content needs to be created. Our In-Site Semantics and Keyword Analysis will highlight the SEO campaign requirements and allow us to specify exact recommendations on how to move forward.
  • Content Analysis - Quality content is the only strategy officially condoned by Google, Yahoo and Bing and is the fundamental key to attracting quality links (backlinks) from other sites. When written properly and professionally, content is not only distinctive, but can also place your site and author as an authority which will lead to quality relevant links and give great credibility for potential clients. A big portion of this phase does rely on the client as we are generally not the professionals in your industry but we will help guide your through the process to help identify such content opportunities. We have access to some of the best copywriters in the industry who can also assist you in the content writing process.
  • External Strategies - Another proven asset for search engine placement is quality, relevant links from other sites. These links will also be valuable in driving quality traffic to your site. Our Extern Strategies define the approached required to gain these links.

Our team has a proven success rate on countless websites placing them firmly on the first page and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in added revenue. Contact our Calgary Search Engine Optimization experts today.

Our optimization process
  • KeywordsTarget word selection

    Choosing the proper keywords is the most important part of the optimization process. We utilize industry keyword selection tools to guarantee word best fit for your demographics.

  • CopywritingKeyword integration

    The second key element for SEO is proper use of text content throughout the site. Search engines like to see well written content with proper use of keywords throughout. iLuxury Global has many copywriters on hand so you can be sure your content is up to industry standards.

  • AnalysisAnalyze and optimize

    After our optimization is complete, we set up analytics so we can analyze every aspect of the web traffic to make sure that your site is optimized to its fullest. We constantly monitor these results and tweak your site accordingly.


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